Beware disaster

A thunderstorm is coming

You should take cover


Christmas is coming

We need to get ready too

Christmas is so great



Best or Bad Bananas


Bens bananas are the best

Bill bought those bananas

Best banana I ever had

Ben’s bananas I’ll get a Gann

Brody bought the bananas

Bad banana Brody thought

Never ever I eat that banana

You get those you will die.

A Place to Call Home

this term we are going to start a new topic a Place to call home called Home because it is about refugee and thing about that. this topic might be the best one this year.

5 question I would like to answer is

life as a refugee?

about boat people ?

what is a amylin seeker?

who helps a refugee?

what happened 50 years ago with refugee?


school concert

On the first .Wednesday of school in fourth team was are school concert. It was really great but before we could do the school concert we practised it 2 times before the night. When it started it was great. I think my class was the best and also the other 5/6 class too. The reason why I liked were class was because we all worked together, The reason why I liked 5/6 L one is because they also worked all together and I liked the songs they picked. Everyone did a great job. My class costume was black pant, white shirts, cane and suspenders.


This term we our doing are project and we got a choice out of 4.the ones are: space, animals adduction, the food chaining and natural disaster and I am doing the natural disaster one because I found it interesting and also I found the space one interesting too but I wanted to do the natural disaster. I think learning about the natural disaster will be fun to learn and I am most interested in is a earthquakes and I have all already learnt two or three new thing about earthquakes  and one of them are there are 3000 earthquakes every day but there so small that you don’t even notices them and if you don’t know what than earthquake is it is when earth starts shaking  it is caused by the earth plate to fall out and that is what an earthquake is. The meaning of a natural disaster is when it can hammed to people and building too but if it is not hammed to people it is just natural.

1800 pages

This term in are class we are all reading some sort of book so our teacher made up a task for the whole class to read 1800 by the end of the term and most of our class says we can do it by the end of the term but some of the class think we can not do it.