In class we learned all about ANZAC day like what they did at war we also had a every specie mass in the church on the 24th of April and the reason why it was specie was because it was 100 years from Gallipoli and we had a person come to were school to talk about it and very nice lady did a war thing on the side of the church we also did a minuet quiet it too.

On the 25th of April we did a soccer match at 11:00 with my friend Xavier at me soccer match we did a minuet quiet and then we did the match.

In class we had to writ about a book or two that we read about the war and my one was about Simpson and this donkey and GALLIPOLI and some of the thing I did was Simpson find this donkey at a cliff and another was Simpson named this donkey Duffy and the last one was I wonder what the soldiers felt like on the boat.

cross country training

Cross country training is great because it helps my running  and to get more fit for soccer. 2 times a day we do it for 20 minute and the first time I did 6 laps around the block and the second time we did it I did 8 laps and when I did 8 laps I all most came first doing it the laps. I think it is great idea doing this because we well get more fit  and get better  at running.

Easter holidays

Easter holidays was fun but not as mush fun as summer holidays and you know what’s great about 2 weeks of no school no work and lot like that.

Some of the thing I did on the holidays was go to the movies go see my friends stay home play LEGO or on play on my Wii too and lots of another thing too.

And did you know I still want to be school holidays but I like going to school too.