In class we learned all about ANZAC day like what they did at war we also had a every specie mass in the church on the 24th of April and the reason why it was specie was because it was 100 years from Gallipoli and we had a person come to were school to talk about it and very nice lady did a war thing on the side of the church we also did a minuet quiet it too.

On the 25th of April we did a soccer match at 11:00 with my friend Xavier at me soccer match we did a minuet quiet and then we did the match.

In class we had to writ about a book or two that we read about the war and my one was about Simpson and this donkey and GALLIPOLI and some of the thing I did was Simpson find this donkey at a cliff and another was Simpson named this donkey Duffy and the last one was I wonder what the soldiers felt like on the boat.

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