learning goals

In my class we started a new thing it is our personal goals. we do it on the Monday for the week till Friday at school and what we do is we say something that we want to get better at and everyone dose it in our class. my one was to do neat homework writing in my book his week and I did the someone last week too and the reason why I am doing it again is because when I do my homework it is miss sometime and the reason why that is because sometimes I don’t want to do it and now. I’m hoping my writing in my homework book  is more neat and I think this is a great idea that we are doing this in our class this term.

2 thoughts on “learning goals

  1. I think you have come up with a really achievable goal Flynn. i am glad you decided to try the same goal again. We do not always succeed at things the first time. I look forward to hearing how you went!

  2. Congratulations on working towards your goals – well done. Anything worth achieving sometimes takes a bit of time.

    One other thing – great result in the soccer – Go Melbourne Victory.

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