one of my hobbies are….

LEGO is one of my hobbies and it is great to play at home and what it is basicaly  building what ever you want to build with the little LEGO bit and put them together so you can make something.

what i build are battle grads and bass and some times i build a bass with a battle grad tab the some time or then i make a BIG BIG city and that takes up to a whole weekend and i enjoy it when i make those   things at home when have the time to do it.

i am make a bag bass and battle hard at the time now and it has taken a long time to make it and i am not finished making it and it going to be one of my best of the best and maybe the best in the world.


One thought on “one of my hobbies are….

  1. You are very passionate about your Lego, Flynn. My son loved it too. He would also spend days and days building with it. I enjoyed working on it with him. Do you work on it with others?

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