On the first day back to school all the 5/6’s went to camp it was very exciting and fun to go on for everyone in 5/6 and the camp we where going on was called Mt Evelyn. So at 9:00 we went on the bus to go to camp and in the bus I had sat next to my friend Brody. the bus drive tock about 45 minuets in the bus and then we got off the bus and then a person came to show us everything at the place and some of the stuff was really cool there. After that we got to go in our rooms with all our stuff that we came with and in our room is me, Brody, Jason, Jacob, Benedict and last was Joseph was in my room. after we set up in our room we did the camp actives and they were the leap of faith, the flying fox, the giant swing high ropes and 2 other thing and my favourite one was the giant swing. CAMP WAS GREAT TO DO SO GO TO CAMP

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