On the first day back to school all the 5/6’s went to camp it was very exciting and fun to go on for everyone in 5/6 and the camp we where going on was called Mt Evelyn. So at 9:00 we went on the bus to go to camp and in the bus I had sat next to my friend Brody. the bus drive tock about 45 minuets in the bus and then we got off the bus and then a person came to show us everything at the place and some of the stuff was really cool there. After that we got to go in our rooms with all our stuff that we came with and in our room is me, Brody, Jason, Jacob, Benedict and last was Joseph was in my room. after we set up in our room we did the camp actives and they were the leap of faith, the flying fox, the giant swing high ropes and 2 other thing and my favourite one was the giant swing. CAMP WAS GREAT TO DO SO GO TO CAMP

inter school sport

we played for inter school sports there are 4 sports for winter soccer, T-ball, football and netball. has  I am in T-ball it has been fun doing it for school we have played 2 game and T-ball have losed 2 game some as soccer but football has won 1 and losed 1 and netball had won 2 of there game  after 2 games. In T-ball the sorer were 13-14 and the other game the sorer was 7-12.

one of my hobbies are….

LEGO is one of my hobbies and it is great to play at home and what it is basicaly  building what ever you want to build with the little LEGO bit and put them together so you can make something.

what i build are battle grads and bass and some times i build a bass with a battle grad tab the some time or then i make a BIG BIG city and that takes up to a whole weekend and i enjoy it when i make those   things at home when have the time to do it.

i am make a bag bass and battle hard at the time now and it has taken a long time to make it and i am not finished making it and it going to be one of my best of the best and maybe the best in the world.


learning goals

In my class we started a new thing it is our personal goals. we do it on the Monday for the week till Friday at school and what we do is we say something that we want to get better at and everyone dose it in our class. my one was to do neat homework writing in my book his week and I did the someone last week too and the reason why I am doing it again is because when I do my homework it is miss sometime and the reason why that is because sometimes I don’t want to do it and now. I’m hoping my writing in my homework book  is more neat and I think this is a great idea that we are doing this in our class this term.


In class we learned all about ANZAC day like what they did at war we also had a every specie mass in the church on the 24th of April and the reason why it was specie was because it was 100 years from Gallipoli and we had a person come to were school to talk about it and very nice lady did a war thing on the side of the church we also did a minuet quiet it too.

On the 25th of April we did a soccer match at 11:00 with my friend Xavier at me soccer match we did a minuet quiet and then we did the match.

In class we had to writ about a book or two that we read about the war and my one was about Simpson and this donkey and GALLIPOLI and some of the thing I did was Simpson find this donkey at a cliff and another was Simpson named this donkey Duffy and the last one was I wonder what the soldiers felt like on the boat.

cross country training

Cross country training is great because it helps my running  and to get more fit for soccer. 2 times a day we do it for 20 minute and the first time I did 6 laps around the block and the second time we did it I did 8 laps and when I did 8 laps I all most came first doing it the laps. I think it is great idea doing this because we well get more fit  and get better  at running.

Easter holidays

Easter holidays was fun but not as mush fun as summer holidays and you know what’s great about 2 weeks of no school no work and lot like that.

Some of the thing I did on the holidays was go to the movies go see my friends stay home play LEGO or on play on my Wii too and lots of another thing too.

And did you know I still want to be school holidays but I like going to school too.

sports day

Sports day was the best day that I have had at school so far this year. We had team chants and the teams cheering on the compereders.

The sports that we did was 100 meters, 400 meters, 1500 meters, long jump, lots of balls and many more too to do at sports day. I came 3rd in 100 meters 3rd in 400 meters 1500 meters 7th long jump 6th and 1st in  one of the ball games and many another that I did at the sports day.

At the sports day gold came first and blue came 2cd red came 3rd and green came last but it was a great day for all the kids and me too.

About me

I am 10. I am a very insetting person. I am funny, silly and smart.

I like lots of things, but there are some things that I do not like. I like doing sport such as Soccer. I play on a soccer and that is a good way of making friends and being active.I also like hanging out with my friends, building Lego and sleeping. I like other things as well.

I things that I don’t like are some foods, annoying people and shopping with my sisters.